The Tree's of Wisdom are 101 trees scattered across the PVZ battle world. There are 11 types of trees, 10 of the first 10 types and 1 of the last one.

The tree'sEdit

Knowledge TreesEdit

The knowlege trees will block your way, making you unable get though. However, if you chose the correct answer for there question, they will do something that allows you to get past them.

Gift TreesEdit

The gift trees will give you a free item if you manage to find it. However, if you have to look very closly, as they might be disguised. If so, you can use a Truth Map or a Hidden Top to find out if they are there, hidden as a bird or something.

Items from the Gift TreesEdit

Knowing TreesEdit

The Knowing trees are like the gift trees, but give you knowlege insead of items.